A bold mission that reflects our positioning as Henkel Adhesive Technologies

We are leading in adhesives, sealants and functional coatings. We enable customers and consumers around the world to solve their challenges, today and tomorrow. Utilizing our unmatched knowledge and expertise, we create and pioneer new ideas every day. WE MAKE IT HAPPEN.​

Fields of use

We communicate with our customers all over the world through various media, be it to provide information or to create awareness of our solutions and products. Our motto helps us to link all communication to the Henkel Adhesive Technologies business unit.

Entry point 
Our motto can be used as an entry point to the communication, with the motto itself as the main message. 

When talking about our business and our solutions, we can use our motto to close a message, thus linking the content directly to our business unit.

If required, our motto can be used as a connector between different types of content, e.g., a product description and an overarching solution.

Entry point
Entry point


Visual guidelines

To ensure a coherent design execution, we defined a set of basic rules:

– Do not use a line break to break up the motto.
– Always put the motto in capital letters.
– Use the same font style for the entire line.
– Primarily put the motto in Henkel red. 

NOTE: A motto in white must be put on a red background. 
Use black only for text closings. 

We make it happen

Scalable tonality

We offer two fixed font styles – a reduced version and a bolder and more expressive version. Please use the one which best corresponds to your communicative purpose.

Reduced & Expressive

Design implementation

Whenever possible, the motto must be set in one single line. Depending on the format, it can be set either in two or in four lines as shown below.



Goals 2025
Do not position the claim in the corners of the layout.
We make it happen (long)
Do not mix font styles when creating designs with the motto.
We make it happen (short)
Do not mix font styles when creating designs with the motto.