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Our sites and offices around the world are essential to bring our Henkel brand to life.

Our sites and offices around the world are essential to bring our Henkel brand to life. The smartwork@office workspace guideline defines the Henkel office look&feel and activity based working approach. All new office- projects (leased and owned) and new fit-outs of existing premises must comply with this standard. 



The Henkel smartwork@office concept

The new smartwork@office concept consists of four individual focus areas which combine functionality as well as the latest office environment look&feel into one holistic. Smartwork@office focuses on the aspects of creating a place of belonging, supporting business innovation, foster employee wellbeing as well as reducing the environmental footprint.



Look & feel

The smartwork@office look&feel design is aiming to visualizes our long-term business model and showcase Henkel's position on sustainability. 



Dos and Dont's

There is no smartwork@office unless a touch of red color is present, ideally in little small details like furniture accessories, visuals and logos. Exception are the community spaces – they can be emphasized with a higher proportion of red.




Different fabrics or structures on wallpapers can have a huge impact especially on the “feel” of look&feel. A subtle way to drive well-being in office environments.




Carpets are one main element to bring warmness and identity to our spaces. Avoid gray colors and try to choose cozy beige light tones

On-floor carpets, attached-floor carpets, its preferred to have red-beige earth tones. Design can vary, from calm look to monochromatic or local patterns.



Wall decorations

Walls are free spaces to express Henkel’s and business´s identity:

  • Bold visuals
  • Project’s samples
  • Green walls
  • and more…

Creative ideas that enrich our workspace with sustainable, friendly, symbolic, minimalistic atmosphere.

Selection of Henkel wall visuals available in the download section at the end of this page.



Best Practices - Our latest offices

The Smart Work @ Office strategy is being implemented in our offices around the world.



Furniture is standardized in global framework-contracts with international most renown high-hand office furniture suppliers. Thus, to guarantee and give the advantage of:

  • Having similar Henkel Corporate Design and quality standard around the world
  • Ergonomic furniture approved by corporate health.
  • Sustainable selection of e.g. high percentage of recycled materials to contribute to HENKEL sustainability ambitions.

Any order from suppliers that are not agreed global framework suppliers have to be approved by FCR.

Furniture-Catalogues according to regions EMEA, AMERICAS and APAC can be provided by FCR contacts. Please find a more detailed furniture guideline in the download section at the end of this page.




Pictograms for room signage and naming have to be in line with Henkel look and feel in terms of:

  • Font: Henkel GT Flexa (Bold and Thin Italic)
  • Proportions

Pictograms selection available in the download section at the end of this page.



Contact & Downloads

For your individual office project as well as questions related to the office design guidelines, please contact Tobias Moss and Cristiano Amato from Corporate Real Estate Management.

In the download area you will find the following materials:

SmartWork@OfficeToolkit (PDF)
Reception Guidelines (PDF)
Office Wall Visuals
Furniture Guidelines