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A next-generation typeface as brand-building asset

Our typeface system considers the diverse requirements and technical restrictions of our broad range of touchpoints. There are two main typefaces at Henkel: our design typeface Henkel GT Flexa and the standard typeface Segoe UI. 

In this section, you will find information on the following topics:

Our design typeface: Henkel GT Flexa

By leveraging the full potential of typography, the Henkel brand becomes more distinctive and future-ready. The Henkel GT Flexa feels innovative, bold, and dynamic, thus strongly reflecting our Henkel brand positioning.

This expressive typeface supports brand-building communication and ensures instant brand recognition. The Henkel GT Flexa is a so-called variable typeface and offers more than 100 different font styles. This means it can be flexibly adjusted to a specific touchpoint design.


Where do I apply the Henkel GT Flexa in brand-building communication?

Corporate websites: Henkel GT Flexa for highlights and Segoe UI for body text
Advertising: print & digital
Social media designs
Publications & magazines (e.g. Henkel Life)
Event branding
Business cards

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Countless options: Our variable typeface Henkel GT Flexa


Please note:

The Henkel GT Flexa is only available for languages based on the Latin alphabet.


Typeface hierarchy

We apply a clear hierarchy to structure the messaging in our communication.


Our headline is flexible – from informative to bold and eye-catching. We can use the full potential of the Henkel GT Flexa, always set in capital letters. The recommended line spacing is 100% font size.

Please note: The line spacing can be flexibly increased (up to 115%) or decreased (down to 85%) in specific use cases, for example to allow for more space when ascenders and descenders are used (e.g. Q or Á).


Subheads are informative. This is why we focus on the message itself and use the Henkel GT Flexa Bold only. 


We set our body copy in Henkel GT Flexa Regular, with the option of highlighting aspects in Henkel GT Flexa Bold.

For font sizes ≤12pt, we use a ZAB of 125%.
For font sizes >12pt, a ZAB of 115% is used.

Call-to-action button

Please use the Henkel GT Flexa Regular in capital letters.

Please find more information on how to apply typography in layouts in the design system section.


Dos and Don'ts

Use different font styles and sizes to highlight your message.
Playfully integrate typeface into an image.
Mix different font styles to use the entire layout.
Don’t mix capital and small letters.
Typography should not appear in outline.
Don’t apply a colored underlay to typography.




Our standard typeface: Segoe UI

We apply the system typeface Segoe UI to standardized communication and touchpoints or when facing technical constraints. 


Where do we apply the Segoe UI?

MS Office
Henkel Hub
IT systems



Information for external users:

Step 1:
Before you register for the typeface download, please make sure that you already have access to the Henkel Digital Asset Platform. If you do not have a user account yet, please register for this portal first. Please find the instructions here.

After your access to the portal has been set-up, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. 
Only with the access to this portal you are able to register for the font download in step 2.

Step 2:

After you have filled out the Font Download Registration form and confirmed the End User License Agreement, you will be routed to the download page of the font package.

All Henkel employees already have a basis package of the Henkel GT Flexa with various font styles pre-installed on their computers. There is no need for an additional manual download.