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People-centric, diverse & modern

Our imagery is close to people’s lives, chooses dynamic perspectives and expresses Henkel’s pioneering spirit. We apply the full spectrum of shadow, light, and colors to create a lively and multifaceted, modern imagery. We’re proud of our diversity and what we stand for: our reliability, our can-do attitude, and our determination to drive progress.

In this section, you will find information on the following topics:


Human-centered imagery

Our imagery captures the essence, emotions and stories of people. It’s about you and your authentic self. As a global brand with a strong history as a family business, we stand for who we are and value all stakeholders. We want our visual identity to create inspiration and engagement with the people portrayed in our imagery.




Digital artwork

Uniquely designed for Henkel, our digital artwork helps us to imagine the future and lead the way in visual storytelling. These cutting-edge computer-generated images connect our businesses and showcase their innovation power – across our consumer and industrial businesses. 



Imagery style

Human centeredness vs. detachment

Emotional warmth vs. unapproachability

Clear focal point vs. dispersion

We put people’s needs and experiences at the heart of our imagery.
We capture everyday situations in an inviting and engaging way.
Each of our pictures has a clear center of attention.

Rich vs. restrained

Immediate vs. distant

Vibrant vs. monochrome

Genuine vs. artificial

We use the full spectrum of shadow and light to create saturated images.
We are part of people’s lives. That’s why we use limited depth of field and dynamic perspectives.
Life is multifaceted and so is our brand. We embrace this by including vivid colors in our imagery.
We use authentic lighting.

Please see the design system section on how to apply imagery in layouts.


Existing imagery

We will extend our current imagery with new pictures that show unseen perspectives, are close to people’s lives, and reflect our overall pioneering spirit. We, of course, continue to use existing imagery that fits to our new image style.

Current database

Some images on the Digital Asset Management platform already reflect our new imagery style.                                                                         

Adjusted style

Other images were adjusted in their style (saturation, color, etc.).


Do not use

Do not use any images that are not in line with our imagery design guidelines.



Dos and don’ts


Show people in authentic situations.                                                                     

Use diverse backdrops to orchestrate interesting image and color compositions.

Use limited depth of field and dynamic perspectives to create focused images.

Use lighting that feels authentic for the depicted situation.


Avoid showing situations that feel staged.

Avoid putting people and products in artificial white spaces.

Avoid images that have no clear focus and feel unprofessionally produced.

Avoid exaggerated lighting, visual effects, filters or gradient overlays.

Looking for pictures? Please visit our Corporate Pictures Portal.





Information for external users:

To receive the motion templates, you first have to register for our Brand Hub download portal. Please see the instructions on how to complete the registration. After registration you will receive a confirmation that your access has been activated and you will be able to download the templates.

For Henkel employees, no separate registration is necessary. You will be automatically directed to the download page via Henkel MyID.