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Our iconic brand symbol

The Henkel oval was first introduced more than 100 years ago and has undergone many changes since then.
This logo is a trusted and well-recognized symbol for our brand.

In this section, you will find information on the following topics:


Logo versions

There are two options to apply the logo:

This is the default logo for all ­communication, products, and objects. 
A secondary black-and-white logo may be used in exceptional cases only. 


On imagery and colored backgrounds we apply the outline logo. The red logo is preferred. The white logo can be used to ensure better legibility. 

A recommendation on how to apply the logo on different background colors is provided in the colors section.


Protection area

We defined a protection area to ensure sufficient space for our logo.

The protection area is composed of two building modules around the logo. The logo including its protection area has a total height of seven building modules.

Logo height incl. protection area: 7 building modules
Protection area in a layout

How do I apply the building modules?

Please find more information on the building modules in the design system section



Do not change the color of the logo.
To ensure visibility, pay attention to a high contrast between the logo and the background.
Do not tighten, turn, or warp the logo. Do not change the form of the logo’s oval.


Logo usage as a reference

Suppliers or other partners occasionally approach Henkel to use the Henkel logo as reference on their own communication channels. The decision whether this is granted lies with the respective Henkel colleagues who are the owner of this business relationship. Please find detailed information on this process on our SharePoint

Exception: The process does not apply to retail partners. It must be contractually stipulated how the logo may be used. For more information, please contact your local legal colleague. 



Information for external users:

To receive the logo files, you first have to register for our Brand Hub download portal. Please see the instructions on how to complete the registration. After registration you will receive a confirmation that your access has been activated and you will be able to download the logos.

For Henkel employees, no separate registration is necessary. You will be automatically directed to the download page via Henkel MyID.