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Guidelines for using modules and building pages

These guidelines are the definitive reference for building pages and maintaining site-wide consistency using the DECP design system. Editors are strongly encouraged to consult these guidelines to ensure the integrity of the customer experience when creating or editing pages.


These guidelines are designed for editors, offering comprehensive utility and ease of use in page construction and content management within the DECP. While it is aimed toward editorial needs within the design system, its breadth and depth make it a valuable asset for all professionals working within the DECP design framework. If you are working with the DECP and it’s design system in any capacity, this guide is for you.

The purpose of the website guidelines is to help editors and other content creators ensure consistency across the DECP.

If you have any feedback, questions or suggestions to the guidelines, please feel free to write to or


The website guidelines consist of three tiers:

1. Design Elements: These are general guides for using colors, typography, and buttons. They describe how to build balanced pages that use these elements in an optimal way. Since all pages, use colors, typography, and buttons, anyone building pages is encouraged to read these guides.

2. Modules: This section provides detailed descriptions of all modules that compose the DECP, such as Hero modules, content modules, carousels, and more. The modules can be considered building blocks that one can use to build pages. The guide describes how individual modules work, what they are designed to do, what content they are designed to hold, any character limits that might apply, and possible variations that may be used.

3. Page types: The Page type guides describe the different page templates that are currently used in the DECP. The guides describe the purpose of the page type, the modules (and variations) that have been used to build it, and the content that each module is expected to hold on that particular page type.


These guidelines are specifically tailored for the DECP and its closely affiliated websites. They are NOT relevant to One Web, any sub-sites, or any non-digital assets produced by Henkel Adhesive Technologies.

For guidelines on these assets please refer to the general guides within the Brand Hub.

How to use

Our hope is that editors will find the guidelines useful in many different situations, but they have been designed to be especially useful in two instances:

Building a new template: When building a new page template, we recommend reading the guides on the modules that you are looking to use. This can help you get an idea of

  • the possibilities that the modules offer
  • the optimal use of the modules
  • any limitations that the modules may have

Creating a page from an existing template: When using an existing template for a page type, we recommend reading the guidelines for that page type. This will help you get an idea of

  • the purpose of the page and how to use the template for that purpose
  • the possibilities that the template, and the modules used therein, offers
  • any limitations that the template and modules may have


The website guidelines are designed to assist editors and content creators in maintaining a consistent experience throughout the DECP.

Anyone working with the creation of pages on the DECP.

Guides on general Design Elements, Modules and Page Types.

The scope of the guidelines is limited to the DECP and any digital assets associated with the DECP. It does not apply to One Web, any sub-sites, or any non-digital assets produced by Henkel Adhesive Technologies.

Refer to this guide for direction on design, layout, copy, and the use of all modules and page types when constructing pages within the DECP.

Questions, feedback and suggestions

If you have any feedback, questions or suggestions to the guidelines, please feel free to write to or