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Associated Brands Guideline


Extending reach beyond core activities

Within Henkel's brand architecture, highly specialized entities (for example venturing) that require a more distinct appearance can be associated brands. They exist to extend the reach of Henkel into different areas beyond our core activities.

Associated brands have their own value proposition and distinctive target groups that are different from the Henkel brand. However, they remain clearly linked to the Henkel brand and credibly support our company purpose.

Associated brands are one element of our brand architecture that provides a clear framework for the strategic relationships between the Henkel brand, our business units and functions, product brands and initiatives. To create long-term value for Henkel, we follow an integrated brand architecture with Henkel as core brand on company level. All business units and functions are an integrated part of the Henkel brand, which is applied to all their communications, designs and branding.



Assoiated brands musst fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Do not represent the core business of Henkel yet support the Henkel purpose
  2. Have their own value proposition, messaging and distinctive target group(s) that are different from the Henkel brand
  3. Are a permanent external offering or activity (no one-offs or internal focus)
  4. Resources are available to professionally develop and manage the brand


Branding Principles

Associated brands must be clearly linked to the Henkel brand.

Besides leveraging the full flexibility of Henkel’s brand design they have further options to create a more distinct appearance through dedicated branding elements.

The overview below summarizes which Henkel branding elements have to be used by every associated brand and which dedicated branding elements can be created individually.

Please note: Branding for associated brands must always be developed in cooperation with the Corporate Branding & Communications Strategy.

Brand-hub_associated-brands-brand elements-mandatory
Brand-hub_associated-brands-brand elements-optional

All selected colors come from Henkel's defined color palette

Henkel GT Flexa and/or Segoe UI

Henkel style to be applied for practical reasons

Design system:
Overall layout principles to be followed but full flexibility of design layouts can be leveraged; additional graphic elements can be developed


Own mission

Own messaging

Own name:
"Henkel" must be part of the name

Own logo:
Wordmark applying Henkel GT Flexa or Segoe UI, no use of Henkel oval

Own imagery & illustrations
Yet Henkel style can be applied






Henkel dx Ventures

Henkel dx Ventures: 
Please find more information in the
Henkel dx Ventures section.