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Pioneers at heart for the good of generations

More than 145 years ago, Fritz Henkel laid the foundation for what has guided us ever since, or as we call it today, our joint purpose. It sits at the heart of our strategic agenda for purposeful growth and shapes our transformation.


Our purpose

We are a diverse team of more than 50,000 colleagues worldwide, striving to enrich and improve life every day through our products, services, and solutions. Our purpose expresses what unites us all at Henkel: Pioneers at heart for the good of generations. It is built from our roots and carries a long-standing legacy of innovation, responsibility, and sustainability into the future. 

It all started with a dream. More than 145 years ago, Fritz Henkel, an entrepreneur, and courageous pioneer at heart revolutionized the everyday life of people. With that, he launched a legacy of care: for his employees, society, and environment. Long before the concept existed, he put sustainability first.
Today, the name Henkel still stands for these values. Our sense of unity has made us a diverse community of more than 50,000 that customers and consumers put their trust in. Together, we enrich and improve the lives of billions every day through our products, services, and solutions. And we have the potential to impact even more.
We will build on our pioneering spirit, knowledge, and resources to shape a purposeful future for the next generations. With our innovation and technology, we create value for customers and consumers, bring success to our teams, and are a force for good in the world.

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Our values

Our values guide all our actions, decisions and behaviors. 

Every day, we need to take many decisions in a highly volatile environment. At the same time, we are highly diverse: We come from different cultural backgrounds and have different experiences, we operate in very different markets and industries. That’s why clear values which are shared, understood and lived by everyone at Henkel are so important for our future success.