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Reimagining and improving life every day

The Henkel brand unites our heritage and ambition going forward: engaging people to shape a purposeful future together with us and driving progress, while building on our core strengths. 


A strong corporate brand creates value

A strong corporate brand provides orientation, creates unity, enables differentiation, and conveys emotion. It expresses who you are, what you do, and what you stand for. This is why a strong and globally recognizable corporate brand is so important - not only to the company itself, but for all its stakeholders.

Consumers are turning towards brands that serve a purpose beyond the product’s pure performance. Customers and suppliers value a partner with financial stability and a broad spectrum of brands, technologies and expertise associated with the corporate brand. And it is also important to employees: They want to work for a renowned company with an excellent reputation where they can develop their skills and shape exciting careers. Finally, a strong brand has a positive impact on a company’s valuation and mitigates reputational risks. As a long-term asset, such as the Henkel brand with a legacy of more than 145 years, the corporate brand also exceeds the lifespan of a company’s products.

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Brand positioning

The Henkel brand positioning is deeply rooted in our company purpose “Pioneers at heart for the good of generations” – and defines who we are and what we stand for.

At Henkel, we lead the way to reimagine and improve life every day. Leading the way – this is what pioneers do, this is what we do. In reimagining and improving life every day, we contribute to the “good of generations”. Through our innovative and sustainable brands and technologies, across teams around the world. For all our stakeholders. Every day. 



Brand actions

Our brand expresses our long-standing legacy of innovation, responsibility, and sustainability – and takes it into the future.

The brand actions describe what we do to fulfill our role and live up to our purpose: 



Brand experience

The diversity of Henkel – its businesses, its products, and its people – has always been key to our success. This is what our brand should feel like. 

The brand allows for different tonalities and tailor-made communication for specific topics, target groups, or touchpoints – ranging from a progressive to a more substantial style. Yet always uniquely Henkel. The brand experience describes how it should feel when interacting with our brand: