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Explore our new signage design

The signage system gives a location a face and identity and ensures straightforward orientation, enabling visitors or employees to find their way around easily. 

In this section, you will find information on the following topics:


System overview

The elements depicted represent the signage system employed at all Henkel sites around the world. The integrating design element is the header in Henkel red.

This carries the destination information and, visible from a good distance, enables straightforward orientation.

Depending on situation and necessity, pylons and signs may be located at entrances, turnings, intersections, or destination points.

Indoor Signage:

Indoor new

Outdoor Signage:

Outdoor overview new


Specials Signage Overview



The color scheme is characterized by a high proportion of white contrasted with the corporate color, Henkel red.

The use of white as the predominant color keeps the corporate design concise, light, and bright.

Henkel red as the header color generates a signal effect and increases the long-distance recognizability of pylons and signs.

Black typography color is to be used on the information panel.

Please see the colors section for more information on our brand colors.



The Windows typeface Segoe UI is used for the typography on all elements of the signage system.

Two different typestyles are available for use:

  • First hierarchical level: Bold
  • Second hierarchical level: Regular.

Dual-language inscriptions:

Only at sites at which English is the national language should the inscriptions on pylons and signs be in that single language. Otherwise, inscriptions must be in two languages, with the second language always English.

First language: national language

Second language: English


Pictograms and arrows



Intuitively understood by the viewer, pictograms play an important role in signage and wayfinding systems.


Please ensure compliance with the regulations applicable in your country when using pictograms for road traffic signs or for the identification of safety-related items and information (e.g. fire extinguishers, emergency exits, or escape routes).

Pictogram set

Please use the pictograms provided in the Downloads section. If you require further pictograms, contact the Shared Service Center.



Directions are to be indicated exclusively through the use of the arrows depicted here. The arrows have been modified and can be obtained from the Downloads section.


Pictograms arrows examples

Thomas Kleinschumacher
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For technical or sales-related topics:

Joseph Westiform GmbH
Hans Kielmayer
+49 781 490 0