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The core of Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Our Value Proposition


Our positioning as Henkel Adhesive Technologies

We are leading in adhesives, sealants and functional coatings. We enable customers and consumers around the world to solve their challenges, today and tomorrow. Utilizing our unmatched knowledge and expertise, we create and pioneer new ideas every day. WE MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Our business unit attributes

Our brand attributes enable us deliver on that value proposition and tell the story of how we make it happen.

Understanding you and your business through lasting partnerships

Successful relationships are built on trust. That’s why our people work side-by-side with partners across our industries to earn and re-earn trust every day. We join together with our customers to develop innovations that are tailor-made for their specific needs and ambitions. We collaborate with our suppliers to explore new ways of creating value for our customers. And we join forces with leading players from academia, industry and beyond to drive progress in new technologies, across our markets and regions.​

 ​This end-to-end approach gives us a uniquely holistic perspective. We’re quick to identify big trends in technology, society and markets – and we’re even quicker at adapting our products and services to help customers get ahead of the competition. More than half of our products are specifically adapted to fit a single application. Our partners make those customized technologies possible by giving us an intimate understanding of the challenges and aspirations that shape their industry. And we work together to enable our customers to increase safety, boost performance and set new standards for sustainability.​

 ​Trust us to join your team. Partner with our passionate people. Experience our expertise. Find out how we’ve built our 100-year track record of creating deep connections that stand the test of time. Then move forward with us on a shared journey toward a successful future – together, every step of the way.​

Solving your challenges with technology expertise

Science never stops. And we never stop leveraging science. Our innovators are always striving to set new industry standards and provide technologies with the power to transform mega trends into mega opportunities. We constantly invest in R&D, we embrace the latest digital tools, and we engage in powerful collaborations to create solutions for the biggest challenges that our customers face.​

​By leveraging innovative technologies, we enable our customers to play a leading role in their markets. Together, we identify key trends early – and actively shape the response by combining our knowledge and developing high-impact technologies. Our research teams work hand-in-hand with pioneers from across industries worldwide, and we offer cutting-edge facilities for testing new products and processes. We join forces to adapt existing chemistries, tap into new technologies and optimize processes and applications. Through strong partnerships, we open up awesome possibilities and create solutions with the potential to revolutionize entire markets overnight. ​ ​

Let’s combine our creative energy. Let’s pool our passion for progress. Let’s share what we know – and keep learning more. Science never stops, so let’s get started. Together, we can push the boundaries of what’s possible.​



Innovation together by connecting know-how

Bright ideas are good. Real-world results are better. Our people have tested technologies millions of times, we’re constantly gaining new insights from customer feedback, and we’ve got first-hand experience in a uniquely broad range of markets around the globe. We combine all of that knowledge with data and expertise from along the value chain to help our customers take their products and processes to the next level.​

 ​Every day, thousands of Henkel engineers visit customers and work shoulder-to-shoulder with their on-site teams. Together, we adapt and adjust advanced materials and methodologies from across industries to create truly sustainable value. From making cars or building skyscrapers through to producing footwear, phones or food packaging, we blend ideas and connect innovations to turbo-charge the push for better performance.​

 ​Get to know what we know. Feel the power of our partnership. Connect with our people to mix, merge and modify technologies and expertise together. By joining forces, we can open up opportunities for a brighter future – and turn big ideas into brilliant results for your business today.

Creating value for you by enabling sustainability

Our planet’s climate is changing. The world’s resources are under incredible strain. The way businesses and industries respond to this crisis will shape the lives of everybody on earth – now and in the future. We believe that Henkel has a responsibility – a right and an obligation – to positively change the impact of industrial manufacturing on CO2, waste and safety. And we can’t do that alone.  We have a long legacy of working with our customers to drive progress for people and the planet. By working closely with partners from every stage in our value chain, we’re constantly striving to create sustainable solutions for the biggest and most urgent challenges facing society and the environment.​​

Together with our suppliers, we’re developing opportunities to use more renewable materials. In collaboration with our customers and retail partners, we’re designing technologies that make it possible to enhance safety, cut emissions and enable recycling. And in partnership with world-leading institutions and organizations, we’re driving real progress across our industries and in markets around the globe.​

 ​Now is the time to act. This is the moment to make an impact. Together, we can embrace this change as a chance to innovate, learn and grow. Let’s combine our passion for the planet to maximize our positive contribution to the world – and lead the way to a better, more sustainable future.

Supporting you wherever needed with global capabilities

We’re always there when our customers need us – anytime, anywhere. Our global presence gives us a deep appreciation for how each local market and culture is different. And we use this knowledge to provide products and services that are specially adapted for the unique needs of every location.​

Our people live in the same communities as the customers we serve. We speak the same language, and we understand the specific local situation. We get to know our customers, as well as their suppliers and partners, because our team is active in more than 150 countries and 800 industries worldwide. We operate supply chains, production activities and logistics services in every region, every minute of every day. We constantly strive to give each individual customer the power of a leading global player. And our products and services set high standards for performance and quality around the world.​

Reach out to us, whatever you want. Call out to us, whenever you need help. And find out how our people can support your future plans, however ambitious they are. With our global range of products and services, we’ll be by your side on every step of your journey to success. Wherever the road leads, we’ll move forward together.

Assuring you with proven quality​

We make promises. And we keep them. That’s how we’ve built our reputation for best-in-class quality. Our teams never stop testing our technologies and optimizing our operations. We engage with industry leaders and technical experts to push the limits of performance. Our customers across markets worldwide know they can rely on our products to meet or exceed their high expectations for quality and safety – every time, all the time.​

We back up these claims with certificates that confirm our compliance with the most stringent international standards. Our technologies are approved for critical applications in the aerospace sector, they have the green light for car safety and the rubber stamp for use in medical devices. From food-safe adhesives for packaging through to fire-resistant coatings for the construction industry, Henkel products are trusted around the globe to keep people safe and keep production processes running smoothly. And we make sure they always arrive at the right place, at the right time.​

Count on our quality. Depend on our dedication to high standards. Rest assured by our track record. By joining forces with us, you’ll get peace of mind – and we can give your customers that same feeling by collaborating to boost performance and enhance safety. Every time. All the time.

Value Proposition and Positioning

Please find the Henkel brand positioning and architecture in the Henkel brand section.