A clear sender for our business unit

The Logo is our communicative entry point, when communicating to our customers and business partners. Together with the Business Unit descriptor, it clearly identifies the sender of our communication.

Henkel logo and Business Unit descriptor

A descriptor is used to identify the business unit as the direct sender. The Business Unit descriptor is always placed in direct visual connection with the Henkel logo and may only be used in this combination.

Layout principles


Depending on the format, two versions are used in communication – a combination of the Henkel logo and a one-line Business Unit descriptor (to be used in standard formats), and a three-line version for more extreme formats, if the minimum distance between the Henkel logo including its protection area and the Business Unit descriptor cannot be maintained.

Logo Guidelines

Combination of Henkel logo and standard one-line Business Unit descriptor

Logo Guidelines

Combination of Henkel logo and three-line Business Unit descriptor

Relation to Henkel logo

The bounding box of the Business Unit descriptor is geared to the corresponding building module of the format. Therefore, the handling of this element in the layout is kept simple.

Dimensions of the combination of Henkel Logo and standard one-line Business Unit descriptor

Dimensions of the combination of Henkel Logo and standard three-line Business Unit descriptor.

Scaled descriptor

In special cases, for example, when the distance from logo to descriptor is extremely wide, the One-line-Adhesives Technologies descriptor can be scaled to 150%.

Scaled descriptor

Standard size of Business Unit descriptor

Scaled size of Business Unit descriptor (150%)

Color versions

Black version of the standard one-line Business Unit descriptor

Logo Guidelines

White version of the standard one-line Business Unit descriptor

Black version of the standard three-line Business Uni descriptor

Logo Guidelines

White version of the standard three-line Business Unit descriptor

Examples of the use of the standard combination of Henkel logo and Business Unit descriptor

For further information on the Henkel logo, please see Logo

Endorsement logo in product communication

Endorsement logo

If the product brand is used as the main sender in the communication, a smaller version of the Henkel logo is placed in the layout to identify the umbrella brand in in order to highlight the product brand.


Comparison of the endorsement logo and the standard logo

Standard logo: 7 BM

Endorsement logo: 6 BM

Endorsement logo with One-Line Business Unit descriptor

The endorsement logo is used exclusively in the communication of product brands.
In all other cases, the regular Henkel logo is used.


The descriptor must not be colored.

The minimum distance to the Henkel logo must not be undershot.

Make sure there is enough contrast.

Cluster Brands

These are the Henkel product brands. The order in which the Technology Cluster Brands appear should be followed when all 5 brands appear together: first LOCTITE, followed by BONDERITE, TECHNOMELT, TEROSON and AQUENCE. Whenever only some brands are mentioned, e.g., only TECHNOMELT and AQUENCE, the order of our Technology Cluster Brand logos stays the same, e.g., TECHNOMELT always above AQUENCE.

Order of all 5 Technology Cluster Brand logos in standard version

Distance between cluster brands, when all appear together


All cluster brands exist in different color versions:

Black version of cluster brands

White version of cluster brands

Use of the trademark symbol
The ®symbol denotes a registered trademark. As the 5 Technology Cluster Brands (LOCTITE,
BONDERITE, TECHNOMELT, TEROSON, AQUENCE) are registered in each of the respective countries of interest, make sure to always use the logos with the ®symbol in printed and digital collateral.

If the registered trademark symbol is not used, the product name should be written in all caps to distinguish the product name from the surrounding text. This applies to running text and even to product names in tables and graphs presenting the product family.

Trademark Notification
In addition, the following text should appear on all types of printed and digital matter: “Except as otherwise noted, all marks used above in this brochure/leaflet, report/data sheet etc. are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Henkel and/or its affiliates in the US, Germany and elsewhere.”

Size ratio to the Henkel logo

Standard size

The product brands are directly related in size to the Henkel logo or the endorsement logo that is used in product communication. The standard size of the product logo is 1.5 BM.


The size of the product logo can be varied in the layout in communication. If there is sufficient space to place the logo, the logo size can be increased.

The minimum size of the product brands of 1.5 BM must not be undershot.

Logo in digital media

Online it’s impossible to orchestrate the brand experience with the same level of precision as in print. And so, maintaining an immersive brand presence across various user interfaces requires a balanced approach to how you scale master and product brand logos – and how you time their exposure. The 1.5 rule doesn’t apply here, so you need to be extra careful.


Information for external users:

To receive the logo files, you first have to register for our Brand Hub download portal.
Please see the instructions on how to complete the registration. After registration you will receive
a confirmation that your access has been activated and you will be able to download the logos.

For Henkel employees, no separate registration is necessary. You will be automatically directed to
the download page via Henkel MyID.