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Drawing attention to time-limited offers

The countdown module is used to direct focus to time-limited offers such as events - as well as encourage action by introducing a sense of urgency.



Design specs

The module consists of:

  • Headline*
  • Counter*
  • Image*
  • Body copy (Optional)
  • CTA (Optional)

* required element


Aspect ratio: 16:9
For general imagery guidelines, please see the Imagery section.


Character limit: 62
Do not exceed three lines of text on 360px screens

Body text

Character limit: 120
For general copywriting guidelines, please refer to the Writing rules.



On desktop there are 2 alignment options for this module meaning that the image can be aligned either to the right or to the left. On mobile, the image should always be above the text.

When to use

Use this module to convey urgency to customers about an upcoming event or limited-time offer.

This module is meant for promoting events and time limited campaigns either on the Event pages, pages that otherwise promote limited time offers or as a promotional module on pages related to the event or campaign being promoted (eg. Industry pages, Application pages, etc.).

It is often used to capture attention and urge customers to sign up for an event or avail themselves of a time limited offer. The module will often feature a CTA.

The main function of the header and text should generally be to lead the customer to the CTA and as such it should be kept short and to the point.

Examples of use

Do's and Don'ts

DO: Follow the character limit guidelines.

DON’T: Use the countdown alone, without copy the context for the countdown is important. Using a headline is required for this module.

DON’T: Do not use it to display products - instead use Countdown + product module, that has a ratio suitable to display product images.