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Convenient contact options, one click away

The Get in Touch module offers customers quick access to multiple (2-4) ways to contact Henkel. The module is customisable for individual pages to ensure that customers are always presented with the most relevant contact options for the page that they’re on.



Design specs

The module comes in centred alignment both on Desktop and Mobile view. The module consists of:

  • Headline*
  • Body copy*
  • Transition cards*
  • Text Card with CTA (optional)

* required element

Note: The cards in the module should reflect the contact options present in the ‘Write us’ curtain in the Support center.


Character limit: 50
Do not exceed three lines of text on 360px screens

Body text

Character limit: 120
For general copywriting guidelines, please refer to the Writing rules.


To ensure prominence, this module always maintains its red color when used. The module can contain between 2 and 4 contact options. The options shown should be curated to match the context of the page it is on.


A header and supporting text are displayed above the cards. Wayfinding Cards are used to show contact options, with the exception of the rightmost card which is always a plain text card with a CTA. 


At desktop screen sizes, the cards align to the left. On mobile, the cards stack vertically.

When to use

This module is designed to provide appropriate contact options when the customer is finished browsing a page, and should therefore be positioned as the final module on a page (before the footer). 

The get in touch module should be used as a default module for most pages (not the two column text+image modules) since almost all pages will need the request a consultation and visit support center boxes.

If there is a need to use a Content module rather than the get in touch, PLEASE REACH OUT TO CORE EXPERIENCE ( to check that the Content module is consistent with other similar modules being used, and ensure a good UX and alignment with Content Strategy.

The module can only be used for contact options, it can not be used for any other purpose. 

This module should not be used when only one contact option needs to be displayed - instead use the Content module for this purpose. 

Additionally, this module should not be used alongside a Content module that is presenting an alternative contact option. All relevant contact options for a page should be displayed within this Get in Touch module when used.

Examples of use

Do's and Don'ts

DON’T: Use too long text. The headline should work as a short title. 

DON’T: Text within the cards should be short and on point. Otherwise this will compromise the users ability to quickly scan the text.

DON’T: Use the Get In Touch module to link to non-contact pages.