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A vital part of orchestrating holistic user experiences

Emails are fantastic. Being able to reach out to customers and others via a personal touchpoint is an opportunity not to be missed. Especially if we do it right. Which means that we should always pay close attention to the context of our messaging.

It’s vital to distinguish between transactional communication, like a confirmation or a receipt, and more inspirational or campaign-oriented executions. Likewise, newsletters, branded content from product brands, and information emails also serve different purposes.  

Regardless of what the contents of our emails might be, we have developed a set of easy-to-follow guidelines for how to create them correctly using the many exciting tools we have in the toolbox.

Step-by-step is the way to go

Many different types of emails mean that there are many ways to create exciting on-brand executions. Our email universe is developed with the substantial color palette.

Take a step-by-step approach to handle everything from automated messages to manual offerings and make sure you use the right building blocks to stay aligned with current brand standards.

Explore the difference between desktop and mobile module components – and get operational advice from examples of what to do, and what to avoid, when bringing our design principles to life. It’s all right there in the downloadable template.

Email Template

Available formats in ready-to-use templates

Email Template

Tools ready in the Figma template for emails

Read more in our templates for designers – and get all the necessary tools to develop on-brand emails right away. Templates for emails and other areas are built and ready to use in Figma. Download now below.


Information for external users:

To get files, you first have to register for our Brand Hub download portal. Please see the instructions on how to complete the registration. After registration you will receive a confirmation that your access has been activated and you will be able to download the templates.

For Henkel employees, no separate registration is necessary. You will be automatically directed to the download page via Henkel MyID.