How to apply dynamic design to engage audiences

The wide range of different online banners makes it possible to create messaging that is uniquely suited for both media, placement, and target audience. 

Combining color, imagery, typography, and motion the right way, content creators have a unique opportunity to develop focused digital expressions for the Henkel Adhesive Technologies business unit.

With our simple layout principles in mind, you get countless options for a new level of creative excellence. Read on for more inspiration and get familiar with the established best practices in the downloadable template.

Color guidance

You should primarily use the red and white backgrounds as well as the substantial color palette of warm grey, soft blue, and sage green. 

The different colors are not assigned to specific products or programs, but your banners should be within one color scheme only. Use the main colors at the top level of your communication. Tints can also be used, but please apply with care.


Motion in online banners

The Henkel Adhesive Technologies business unit relies on the basic motion principles established for the Henkel master brand. 

•   Colored surfaces, pictures, and videos overlap and interact in a controlled and composed manner. 

•   Transitions are vertical or horizontal and neither tilt nor rotate.  

•   Our animation language is calm, precise, and straightforward without unnecessary edges and breaks. Use subtle parallax effects and asymmetrical timing on elements for increased effect and depth.  

Feel free to draw strength from the Henkel GT Flexa’s many features. But remember that with great powers come great responsibility. So, be careful, meticulous, and don’t use too many variants at the same time. Avoid unnecessarily bouncy or playful animations. And, instead, aim to ensure deliberate and unpretentious movement. Our typography can slide, fade – even breathe – but it shouldn’t dance or jump.

For more information on motion principles, please see the motion section.

Do’s and don’ts

This is not a definitive list of what you should and should not do when it comes to applying colors. Instead, think of the six fast examples as a reminder to click on to the template on color. It’s ready for your eyes. And it’s perfect for remembering all the details. 


Use the color red in all outros.


Don’t use colors other than red in outros.


Present the full image of a packshot.


Don’t use them in small banner formats, due to the risk of cropping or cutting of the packshots.


Only use the substantial colors.


Don’t invent or use colors other than the substantial colors.

Available formats in ready-to-use templates


Tools ready in the online banners Figma template

Read more in our template for designers – and get all the necessary tools to develop on-brand banners right away. Templates for online banners and other areas are built and ready to use in Figma. Download now below.


Information for external users:

To get files, you first have to register for our Brand Hub download portal. Please see the instructions on how to complete the registration. After registration you will receive a confirmation that your access has been activated and you will be able to download the templates.

For Henkel employees, no separate registration is necessary. You will be automatically directed to the download page via Henkel MyID.