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Personalized experience for large account users

The co-branded campaign page guideline is meant to provide large account users to feel like they are getting a personalised experience when they visit our co-branded campaign landing pages.

This should be restricted to strategic ABX programs, and should require the approval of and prior to any pages being created.

The campaign framework remains the same. Below are only additional guidelines to follow.


The colors used in the infographic should imitate partner brand colors by the use of Henkel’s brand palette.

In case of the partner brand colors that are hard to replicate with Henkel’s substitues, a neutral choice of colors is advised (Black, White, Grey). The brand colors should be highlighted then in the imagery.

Find examples for Cisco and Ericsson below.


The images should refer appropriately to the partner brand’s tone of voice and color palette.

Find examples for Cisco and Ericsson below.

Hero module L2

Like all campaign pages, use the hero module variant 2 as the introduction to the page.

Find examples for Cisco and Ericsson below.

Logos placement

The combination of Henkel and partner logos should be always placed in a white band below the hero module.

The logos should be separated with a grey vertical bar used in their original color combinations. The gap between each logo and the vertical bar should be 30 px.

Background colors

For each module, apply background colors by using Henkel brand colors imitating partner brands. Use a different color for each alternating module.

Find examples for Cisco and Ericsson below.


For the primary button, apply the same color as the background color in the hero module. The color for the secondary and tertiary buttons stay the same.

Find examples for Cisco and Ericsson below.

Product ribbon

In case the product ribbon module showing related or relevant products is being used, it should stay in its original design and color.

Examples in use

Tools ready in Figma

Read more in our templates for designers – and get all the necessary tools to develop on-brand campaign pages right away. Templates for campaigns and other areas are built and ready to use in Figma. Download now below.

You can find all resources related to the campaign page framework and design in the figma board by following this link.