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Application images

Application information helps customers understand how products are used, so they find the right solutions for their needs. To this end, application imagery should be shown in context and always focus on the use of a product in a real environment. On general image styling and tonality read more here.

Resolution and ratio

The Application images are made in two formats:

  • Square ratio at minimum size of 2560 x 2560px — (PIM/DAM) PDP Media gallery - Asset Type: product> How To Generic
  • Rectangle ratio (16:9) at minimum size of 1920 x 1080px — (PIM/DAM) PDP HowTo section (steps) - Asset Type: product>How To Steps


2560 x 2560px


1920 x 1080px

Meaningful setting

Show the application of the product in a real setting and scenario in which it is used. This helps customers visually recognize the application and relevant industry. In all application imagery, these three elements are always visible: meaningful setting, substrate, and product.


Gasketing - gearbox, metal substrate and sealant visible


Make product invisible

Crop too closely - context is lost

GAP PAD® - circutboard, substrate and GAP PAD® visible

Obscure or remove setting

Wood glue - workshop, substrate and wood glue visible

Show unnatural setting and focus solely on substrate

Show application without product visible

Show final product with invisible product

Correct application

Some products are applied in very specific ways and patterns - always show product correctly applied

In the example above, the gasket sealant is showing the correct pattern of application. It is applied all around the screw holes, and not just at the outer edge.

Showcase product attributes

Show the texture and viscosity of the product

Composition and cropping

Use composition where a meaningful setting, substrate, and product are visible, and make sure enough of the elements are present.

Meaningful setting, substrate, and product

Crop too closely - context is lost

Setting is too visible - application is unclear


Always shoot photos in a setting with natural, diffused light so that colors, textures, and environment are rendered clearly and in line with reality. Read more on our general lighting guidelines here.



Unnatural stock photo feel

Lighting too yellow and underexposed

Overexposed white and setting is too dark

Show ideal specimen

Make sure the product is depicted in a pristine state

Don’t show dirty containers


When people are demonstrating a product, make sure they always wear brand colors or neutral colors.

Apparel in brand colors or neutral colors

Apparel in off-brand colors