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Presenting articles

“Articles” is the new naming convention we use for what - in the previous website - we called “blogposts”. They are deep-dives into topics that are introduced in industry pages or application pages. Please find below instructions on how to build articles pages and concrete examples.


Mandatory header elements:

  1. Page label
  2. Title: keep it catchy and short, ideally max. 3 lines
  3. Subtitle: it should be a teaser, max. within 2 lines. 
  4. Reading time
  5. Share button (top)
  6. Hero image

If available, then the following elements should be provided:

  1. Additional page label
  2. Author
  3. Listen button
  4. Favorite button (top)

Do you have an author? More authors? Below 4 different behaviors:


Components for the article body, mix and match according to need

  1. Introduction: keep the intro paragraph short and compact as well
  2. Gallery: for more than 2 images right next to/below each other. Additional note, use expressive and friendly images that match the content
  3. Headline + text: add headlines between the paragraphs to break it up for better readability.
  4. Two column CTA (background can be changed to promote the CTA)
  5. Two column headline + text + image: use expressive and friendly images that match the content
  6. Testimonial
  7. Checkmark box (for insights/facts/etc)
  8. Share and favorite button
  9. Product ribbon
  10. Preview cards (for related pages/assets)

Examples, allowing for flexibility

According to the amount of visuals that you have available and the focus of the page you are allowed for a certain flexibility. You can use the below as 3 different ways to approach “articles”

Text-only article

Article with product focus

Image focused article