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A focused color palette for Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Henkel‘s primary colors are red and white. These are complemented by a range of additional colors. The business unit Henkel Adhesive Technologies applies a reduced color palette to ensure a distinctive and unique visual representation across all strategic business units.

Main colors

Henkel red and white are Henkel’s primary colors. They are trusted and established elements that ensure brand recognition and honor our legacy. Dark is the main color for body text and secondary headlines and UI copy.

Use cases: Headlines, background color, primary CTAs, highlighted labels.

Use cases: Background, text on red and dark background, primary CTAs on red and dark background.

Use cases: Text, headers, footer.

Substantial colors

The Henkel Adhesive technologies palette is always supported by these pastels.

Use cases: Backgrounds in marketing materials and throughout the digital space.

Color balance

Below is a guiding diagram for the general color balance in the visual expression.

Background color distribution through pages

Primarily white and light pastels. Red and substantial colors in harmony with digital brand, pleasant vertical rhytm down through the content.

Too much red, too little white or light pastels, neighbouring modules with same background color creates a heavy, unbalanced look.

Color contrast

Use modules in color variations, that have visible contrast. Pairing darker substantial colors with lighter shades makes the contrast more visible.


While building pages, don’t use modules in color combinations, that have too similar shade next to each other.

Instead, try to divide them with a module in a lighter background.

Please find more information on Henkel’s color spectrum in the colors section.