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Presents informative documents about a specific topic

A white paper page serves as a dedicated platform for presenting and sharing white papers that delve into specific topics. It provides readers with valuable insights, expert analyzes, and potential solutions related to complex issues, making it a valuable resource for education, research, and informed decision-making.

Important: There is a gated and ungated version of the page. This page only describes the gated version - for details on the ungated version please see White paper - ungated.


Use the Gated resources Hero module. It should include the following elements:

A. Pre headline/Tags

Can include the document type such as ‘White paper’ or Tags such as brand logo, new, etc.

B. Headline

Create a compelling headline that clearly conveys the topic of the white paper.

C. Short introduction (can include bulleted list)

A slightly more in-depth description (around two sentences or approximately 100 characters). Provide a brief but informative description that highlights the key value propositions and benefits of reading the white paper.

D. Access form

Use the form template for gated white papers here. This form template is used for all gated white papers. The form includes:

  • Header ‘Get access now’
  • Log in option for customers who already have an account
  • Form divided into three tabs: Personal (information), Company (information) and Communication (preferences)

Main content

The main content consists of a summary, key insights and authors. 

A. Summary

Use a Full width text + image module to provide a brief summary of the white paper. Include key details, such as the white paper’s purpose, highlights, and the value a user will gain from reading it.

B. Key insights

Utilise a checkmark box to highlight key insights or takeaways that readers can expect from the white paper. Make these points clear and impactful.

Provide links or access to related resources that complement the white paper content, such as product information, applications, related white papers, and case studies.

A. Mentioned products

When the white paper describes one or more products, the products are highlighted in the product ribbon module. These will be placed below the white paper details.

B. Related content

The preview card module is used to guide the user to more relevant reading materials.

Contact us

Provide contact information or a contact form for participants to reach out with questions, feedback, or inquiries related to the white paper with the get in touch module.

Customer support can include the following:

  • Link to Henkel support center
  • Request a consultation link
  • Request a sample link
  • Order request link