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Introducing an industry L1

An industry page serves as a central hub of information and resources related to a specific industry or sector. It aims to provide valuable content, foster engagement, and connect professionals, businesses, and individuals with the latest insights and developments within that industry. The content and features of an industry page can vary depending on the industry and the needs and interests of the target audience.

Hero + Anchor

When creating a level 1 industry page, use the Hero variant 1 module. 

A. Pre-headline

Craft a concise pre-headline that provides an indication of what the industry page is about.

B. Headline

Create a compelling headline that clearly conveys the industry's importance or uniqueness. Make it engaging and attention-grabbing.

C. Short introduction

Write a brief but informative description that summarises the industry's significance and why visitors should explore further.

D. Eye catching imagery

Use high-quality images or visuals that relate to the industry. Ensure they are visually appealing and relevant to the content.

E. CTA to highest priority action

Include a prominent CTA button that encourages visitors to take action, such as "Learn More," "Explore Industry," or "Get Started."

F. Anchor menu

The anchor menu should be used on longer pages, to help customers easily navigate the content.


Highlight the industry's unique selling propositions or key strengths. These can be brief statements that set the industry apart. Use the USP band module with expressive numbers. Listed below are suggestions for what to display under ‘At a glance’.


Industry forecast and expertise:

For high-growth industries only

  • Trends
  • Statistics
  • Challenges/opportunities
  • Articles, webinars


Sustainability and Economic Edge:

  • How HAT is helping this industry become more sustainable
  • Why HAT is the best choice economically
  • Statistics


Sub-industry overview and navigation - linking to Industry L2 pages

Help the user find multiple level 2 application pages with the Wayfinding card module. The goal is to help users easily drill down into more specific product applications.

Please note that we never include images in the wayfinding cards on Industry L1 pages.


Use the Video + text module to display a high quality video introducing the customer to the industry.

Detailed description

A detailed description of the industry, often including its history, current status, and future prospects. Optimise this section for SEO with relevant keywords and metadata.

This section is built using the Two column text + image module for the navigating experience or the Full width text + image module for a more focused reading experience.     

The Two column text + image module can also be used for:

  • Featured success story (Case study)

    Showcase a success story or case study related to the industry. Highlight achievements, challenges, and outcomes to illustrate its impact.
  • Upcoming event

    Promote an upcoming industry-related event, conference, or webinar. Include event details, registration information, and a compelling reason to attend.

Primary asset

Eye catching presentation of content or assets

Display the content that is most important for that particular industry (be it the Loctite Pulse service or downloading a case study) in a clear and attention-grabbing way. Use visuals or infographics to illustrate these with the 50:50 module.

Offer links or references to additional resources, such as reports, white papers, or articles, that provide in-depth insights into the industry.

Preview card module

Use the Preview card carousel for related resources.

Contact us

Two column text + image or get in touch module

Provide multiple contact options, such as contact forms, phone numbers, email addresses, or live chat, for visitors who have questions or inquiries related to the industry. Use the Two column text + image or Get in touch module, depending on the contact options the specific SBU/industry offers.