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Presents an in-depth analysis of a real-life situation or project

The case study pages are designed to present Henkels in depth studies into eg. product applications. Case study un-gated allow users to read, share (via social, email or copying the link) and download the cae study.

If the case study references any products or applications the page should provide an easy way to navigate to these related resources (please see the ‘related resources’ section below).

Important: There is a gated and un-gated version of the page. This page only describes the un-gated version - for details on the gated version please see Case study - gated.


The introduction is presented with the Article hero module. It includes the following: 

  • Tags    
    Provide tags such as: Document type, case study, new, etc.
  • Headline

    Craft an engaging headline that conveys the essence of the case study.
  • Short introduction
    Provide a concise introduction that offers a glimpse into the case study's content and its relevance to the audience.
  • Byline that can include:

       - Author description

          If applicable: Include the author's name and a brief description, highlighting their expertise or credentials.                   See Author description examples below.

       - Read time
          Managing expectations with the customer, allowing the to gauge the expected read time up front.

       - Download button
          To download the case study.

       - Share link
          Allowing the customer to share the case study on social media platforms.

       - Save
          Allowing logged-in users to save the case study for future reference.

       - Listen button, If applicable, 

          Add a "Listen" button to provide an audio version of the case study. Ensure accessibility and audio quality.

Main content

Present the case study content clearly and logically. Use headings, subheadings, and bullet points for readability. Include relevant text, images, charts, or graphs to support the case study's narrative and findings. Highlight key insights or findings within the content. 

Main text

The case study details are presented in the Full width text + image module. The different variants of the article module are used together. Which variant to use depends on the image(s).


You have the option to showcase a standout quote or key takeaway from the case study in a visually distinct manner with the testimonial module using expressive text as seen below.

Key insights

And the case study is rounded off with a summary or key insights, using the checkmark box, that is also used for the gated version of the page.

Include a section for related resources, such as links to related products or additional reading materials that complement the case study.

A. Mentioned products

When the webinar describes one or more products, the products are highlighted in the product ribbon module. These will be placed below the webinar details.

B. More reading

The preview card module is used to guide the user to more relevant reading materials.

Contact us

Provide a contact section with relevant contact information or a contact form for users who have questions or need further assistance related to the case study, using the get in touch module.

Customer support can include the following:

  • Link to Henkel support center
  • Request a consultation link
  • Request a sample link
  • Order request link