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How-to images

How-to imagery provides a helpful visual element to clarify written instructions on how to use a product. Each image should demonstrate the key moment of the specific step it is relevant to. On general image styling and tonality read more here.

Resolution / ratio

The how-to images can be used in the following format:
rectangle ratio (16:9) at minimum size of 1920 x 1080px. — (PIM/DAM) PDP HowTo section (steps) - Asset Type: product>How To Steps


1920 x 1080px

The scene

How-to images are set in environments fitting to their general application. This helps customers recognize the application and industry and give context to the instructions.


Show real environments


Show without a background

Use a studio background

Meaningful steps

Instructions for how to use products always follow this structure:

  • Safety precautions, if applicable
  • Preparation & application
  • Disassembly/removal, if applicable
  • Links to support options

Composition and cropping

Always have the important part of the step clearly in view.

Focus on the specific action — zoom in

Don’t show too much scenery


Always shoot photos in setting with natural, diffused light so that colors, textures, and environment are rendered clearly and in line with reality. Read more on our general lighting guidelines here.


Unnatural stock photo feel

Excessive yellow light and underexposed

Overexposed white and setting is too dark


When people are demonstrating a product, make sure they always wear brand colors or neutral colors.

Apparel in brand colors or neutral colors

Apparel in off brand colors and safety glasses missing