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Application videos

Application information helps customers understand how products are used so they find the right solution for their needs. To this end, application videos should be shown in context and always focus on the use of a product in a real environment. On our general approach to motion read more here.

Resolution / ratio

All videos are made in ratio 16:9 at minimum size of 1920 x 1080px (this also includes hero videos).


1920 x 1080px

Meaningful setting

Show the application of the product in a real setting and scenario in which it is used. This helps customers visually recognize the application and relevant industry. In all application videos, these three elements are always visible: meaningful setting, substrate, and product.


Car engine showing application


Make product invisible

Crop too closely - context is lost

GAP PAD® - circutboard, substrate and GAP PAD® visible

Obscure or remove setting

Correct application

Some products are applied in very specific ways and patterns - always show product correctly applied

Showcase product attributes

Show the texture and viscosity of the product

Composition and cropping

Use composition where a meaningful setting, substrate, and product is visible, and make sure enough of the elements are present. With video, there is a bit more leeway as opposed to stacking application images, which provide aspects of time and movement to work with.

Meaningful setting, substrate, and product

Zooming motion can help with understanding scale


Always shoot videos in a setting with natural, diffused light so that colors, textures, and environment are rendered clearly and in line with reality. Read more on our general lighting guidelines here.



Unnatural stock photo feel

Lighting too yellow and underexposed

Overexposed white and setting is too dark


Each caption frame should hold one to two lines of text on the screen at a time. 

Captions should be time-synchronized to the audio and last three to seven seconds on the screen.

To ensure that videos may be used across languages, captions should never be rendered within a video itself. Instead, they should be displayed as an overlay.

Thumbnail image

Make sure thumbnails display meaningful part of video, preferably featuring an important part of the application and/or pack as opposed to a random pan. Make sure thumbnails don’t show parts with graphics in them — Typography, icons, charts etc. — as it tamperes with the UI and messes up the layout videos are part of.

Key moment

Parts with graphics

Be mindful of play button placement

Random pan


When people are demonstrating a product, make sure they always wear brand colors or neutral colors.

Apparel in brand colors or neutral colors

Apparel in off-brand colors