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How to write and design for different channels

Bringing our communication to life on social media requires attention to the fact that the channels are often characterized by being more informal. You should not deviate from the central tone of voice and our experience principles but try to adapt the level of formality and professionalism to the dialogue you’re taking part in.

You should also be aware that social channels differ and are constantly evolving. Therefore, never assume that you can use the same content across all social channels. Always adapt to the platform on its terms and remain updated on formats and requirements.

In the social media cosmos, the only constant is change. As a consequence, everything from the number of characters you can use in a status update to how long a link can be will vary from platform to platform – and week to week. The best advice is to check regularly with the individual platform providers.

General social media guidelines

- Only one key message per post. 

- Use active language and include a call-to-action. 

- Create a hook: Write engaging copies to stand out and spark dialogue. 

- Avoid long, complex sentences and uncommon word choices. Write in an everyday language. 

- Use emojis, if relevant, as visual hooks to portray emotions.

- Grab the attention of your audience within the first 3 seconds of videos. 

- Always think customer-first: Why should they care about this post? What’s in it for them? 

- Be aware of truncation of your copy. What does your reader see before they need click to read the rest?

- When the social media post includes a brand name, make sure that it stands out. 

Common social media channels

Everyday platforms for most people. Whereas Facebook is mainly about your day-to-day connections with friends, family, and communities, Instagram is all about visual communication. Both platforms are great for creating engagement and communities.

A professional platform – but run by people. Write to people, not companies. Don’t overcomplicate technical messages but remain professional. Great for employee advocacy & retention and thought leadership.

A text-focused and news-oriented platform with an overweight of politicians, celebrities, and media companies. Be aware of the character limit and communicate efficiently without becoming boring. Great for company news and political topics.

TikTok is all about entertainment, edutainment, and rapid, sound-on video content. The most important copy is found in the videos themselves and as the first comment in the comment section.

Designing social media assets 

The Henkel Adhesive Technologies business unit uses the same principles for layout, typography, and movement as the Henkel master brand. We also use the substantial color palette.

Within the Henkel Adhesive Technologies universe, we show restraint and focus. Animation and typography effects are characterized by being calm, precise, and unpretentious.


Motion in social media assets 

Motion helps to bring a business to life. The Henkel Adhesive Technologies business unit relies on the basic motion principles established for the Henkel master brand.

•   Colored surfaces, pictures, and videos overlap and interact in a controlled and composed manner.

•   Transitions are vertical or horizontal and do neither tilt nor rotate.  

•   Our animation language is calm, precise, and straightforward without unnecessary edges and breaks. Use subtle parallax effects and asymmetrical timing on elements for increased effect and depth.  

Feel free to draw strength from the Henkel GT Flexa’s many features. But remember that with great powers come great responsibility. So, be careful, meticulous, and don’t use too many variants at the same time. Avoid unnecessarily bouncy or playful animations. Instead, aim to ensure deliberate and unpretentious movement. Our typography can slide, fade – even breathe – but it shouldn’t dance or jump. 

For more information on motion principles, please see the motion section.

Available formats in ready-to-use templates


Tools ready in the social media Figma template

Read more in our templates for designers – and get all the necessary tools to create stunning on-brand layouts right away. Templates for social media and other areas are built and ready to use in Figma. Download now below.

LinkedIn profile headers for Henkel employees

Show that you are a proud Henkel ambassador.

Update your LinkedIn profile header by using one of the new Henkel Adhesive Technologies branded headers. Go to Downloads section below, check the available options for LinkedIn headers and download the one you prefer, then upload it into your LinkedIn profile header.


Information for external users:

To get files, you first have to register for our Brand Hub download portal. Please see the instructions on how to complete the registration. After registration you will receive a confirmation that your access has been activated and you will be able to download the templates.

For Henkel employees, no separate registration is necessary. You will be automatically directed to the download page via Henkel MyID.