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Directing customers towards to highest priority content

The 50:50 module is used to highlight and guide customers towards highest priority content. It combines imagery, concise text, and up to two CTAs (Call to Actions) to engage customers effectively. Unlike the Tabbed content + text and Full width image + text modules, which are designed to offer a more in-depth reading experience, the primary purpose of the 50:50 module is to capture a customer's attention and direct them towards specific actions.



Design specs

Layout options

The 50:50 module consists of the following elements:

  • Image*
  • Headline*
  • Body text*
  • Button, primary*
  • Button, secondary (optional)

*required element


Aspect ratio: 1:1


Character limit: 55

Body text

Character limit: 120
For general copywriting guidelines, please refer to the Writing rules.


This module has four colorways. In keeping with the general website color guidelines, the use of red should be judicious and mindful, taking into account its overall presence on the intended page.

When to use

Use this module to direct customers to highest priority content or actions that complement or expand on the customer's current area of interest. 

In order to maintain the hierarchy of information and optimal page length, this module should be used only once on any given page. It can not be placed right above the footer.

Examples of use

Do's and Don'ts

DO: Stay within advised character limits and use correct text styling. Read more about typography.

DON’T: Use this module for content that requires long-form, paragraphic text. Instead, consider using the Tabbed content + text or Full with image + Text modules.

DON’T: Use text that is too long. The headline should work as a short title.

DON’T: Don’t use this module more than once on any given page.