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Visually emphasize sustainability through “sustainability modules”.

Sustainability is a mega-trend that goes across the entire NEXT website. We want to tell HAT’s sustainability story in a coherent way, also visually. Across different page types (e.g., industry pages, application pages, articles, etc.), users will be able to identify sustainability highlights already scanning the content. 

Sustainability modules are already existing modules of our library, with 2 distinctive characteristics:

  1. Sage green background color
  2. "Sustainability" label

Modules that have a “sustainability version”:


Application story module

Full width text + images

Content + text module

Checkmark module

USP band


Page cannot be entirely sage green (only some modules of the page should be sage green)
Don’t use other background colors when you have sustainability highlights
Don’t use sage green if it is not a sustainability topic
Don’t use the sage green application module if only specific tabs cover sustainability topics


In case you have a hotspot (highlighting sustainability topics) that is predominantly red, using sage green could create a bit of a clash. In this case (and only in this case) you have the possibility to choose a white version of the sustainability module.